An All American Family Event

rocklandbouldersWe recently did something really traditionally American. We attended a minor league baseball games, supporting the local Rockland Boulders.

Our daughter had won tickets to a game, and was going to throw the first pitch.  It was part of a school challenge, and she won for having read most books.  Super cool and super proud.

As it turned out, it was actually a Guinness Book of Records attempt too, as they were going to have 126 kids throw the first pitch at the same time.  That meant that her and I were going to be on the actual pitch, in front of the crowd.  Very cool indeed :-)

I’ve attended a few New York Yankees games, but it is so boring to sit through 9 innings, drinking expensive bottled beers ($10 per bottle) and attempt to keep the kids entertained.  Don’t get me wrong, Yankee Stadium is an amazing stadium and a worthwhile visit.

Rockland Boulders stadium is much better and more family friendly.  They still have the less healthy fast foods, but they also have more activities for the kids.  And the seats are much better.  In fact, the kids loved going there and we even enjoyed the game.

We will absolutely be going back to watch Rockland Boulders again.  Thanks for a great evening Rockland Boulders.

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Stick Sex

While doing some serious gardening the other day with my wife, preparing to sew new seeds in the kitchen garden, we witnessed something amazing and yet disturbing.

I’m sure 78% of my readers will place to many sexual thoughts into the above paragraph, trying to link it to the corny header of this post.  This post has nothing to do with intimate moments we (my wife and I) have.  It’s a blog about 50 Shades of Nature.

As we were trimming the hedge and pulling out the weeds, I suddenly spotted a strange animal crawling slowly on the fence.  In fact, there were three of these strange alien like species, with elongated body, long skinny legs and even longer antennas.  It was a walking stick animal.

I had never seen one in the Wild, only in captivity at the local WOW place.  Always behind an inch of glass – never free.  It was a special moment, not only for me, but immensely important for the kids to witness this too.

Enough with Xbox and iPhone games.  This was nature at its best.

Listen, I’m no David Attenborough, but I still want to impress my kids with my outdoor knowledge, obtained when I was a boy-scout and lived off the lands.

Calmly I explained that what we had here was three Walking Stick animals (bugs), which is a rare sight.  I went on to proclaim that the bigger walking stick bug was carrying the baby, strongly followed by the husband … most likely.

sticksexLike some Japanese tourist (stereotype), my wife went paparazzi crazy on the poor things, and snapped 20-30 pictures, with the flash going.  In parallel, I quickly googled walking animals and suddenly discovered that it was in fact a mating scene we were witnessing and not a carrying mother lifting her baby on her back.

This was back garden porn!

The amazing part of this ritual is that it can last hours, days or even weeks.  Forget about Viagra!  This little dude was riding his woman for exceedingly long time.  No wonder the pair moved very slowly up the fence.  It was Natural Geographic or Animal Planet right there, and we were in the ‘pit’ with front-row seats.

I couldn’t explain the sexual act to my kids, so continue my little white lie about mother and child.  I had no choice.  Too many questions would come flying at me if I suddenly told them that the animals were having sex.

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Back to school(s)

It’s that time of the year again – school is back on the menu.

Time to wake up early again, prepare lunches and shop for all the school supplies.  Our kids are somewhat excited, although they prefer to go to the lake, stay up late, eat marshmallows, and do nothing that resembles school work for 8 weeks.

I want to kick off the new school year with a strong message – love your mum and respect what she is and has done for you.  This is really a message to all kids out there – a strong message from Mark Mero.

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Danish Firestarter

firestarterI love have visitors, especially my family.  I’m very close with my sister and her family, so it was an amazing experience when they came to visit us this summer.  Well, unless your brother-in-law attempts to burn by garden and house!!

Not intentionally of course, and he felt very very very bad about the incident.

He smokes the pipe, which is not so common in the US unless you live in Woodstock, is a hillbilly carpenter or simple organic creature that feed off the land … the latter would most likely live in Woodstock area, have long grey beard and sing Joe Cocker tunes.

I do have to add that Woodstock is a great little area to visit, and is not stock in the 60’s.  A few interesting characters does float around, but it’s fun for the family.

However, my brother-in-law is Danish, and smoking the pipe doesn’t make you weird.  I have absolutely no problem with tobacco smoking visitors, but they do have to smoke outside, and he totally obeyed that rule.

Ever so often he would step outside, with a cold beer, and take in the landscape we live in and ponder on life’s great mystery … how do we get a pool installed.

He would leave the pipe outside, in a secure holder, and tap out the old tobacco in the soil. Little did he (we) realise that this would be a terrible mistake.  We had been blessed with 85-92 Fahrenheit (32+ degrees Celcius) and little rain.

One morning, as my wonderful wife was going to get breakfast bagels, she returned to the house quickly as she had noticed smoke in the flowerbed.  I walk out with a cup of water, but quickly realised that I needed a hell of lot more water.

burning_flowerjpgA large patch (2 x 6 feet) of the flowerbed was literally smoking.  As I placed my hand on the soil, it was too warm and some bushes had started to collapse under the heat.

The scary thing is, my brother-in-law had been tapping out the left-over tobacco for about 2 days, and it had grown into a large pit.

We all noticed the smell of burned wood the night before, but assumed it was there neighbours who had been partying and enjoyed a BBQ.  Nope!!

My dear brother-in-law spent the next two hours with the garden hose and a small shovel, making sure the ‘fire’ had been put out.  He was so embarrassed and shocked at the same time.  No of us expected this.  It just shows how carefull we have to be with fiercest, BBQs and tobacco.  The smallest amber can devastate large areas.

The positive was that, due to his guilt, he cleaned the front area of weed, fixed the other flowerbeds, cut the grass, swept the porch and put up our outdoor clothes drying rack.

…and he made a safe ashtray for his pipe and tobacco, with sand and rocks.

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Mid Life Baywatch

pamela-anderson-baywatchJust by me mentioning ‘Baywatch‘ you instantly get a picture in your head of Pamela Anderson running down the beach, in her red bathing suit and boobs bobbing up ‘n down, while she smiles awkwardly clinging to the lifesaver.

Patrick_StarWell, this is not what this post is about.  Life saving yes, but slightly different mental picture.  It involves me walking along the pool edge, looking similar to Patrick Star in both skin color and oddly body shape, wearing my somewhat tight blue swimming trunks with a small hole in the crutch area (which I actually wasn’t aware of!?).

I have the daddy look going these days; “small” belly, pale as death himself, ginger beard and tight trunks.  Not the poster icon for next swimsuit edition, but I am apparently carrying the hot daddy look these days, something that I wasn’t even aware even existed.

Apparently women dig this look according to my 20-year-old nephew who mainly sleeps during the day, who now aspires to look more like his “cool” uncle.

Anyway, we had been invited to this amazing family pool party in a wealthy area of New York State called Chappaqua – a name I have seriously difficulties pronouncing without insulting native American Indians.  We weren’t too sure what to expect, but were pretty impressed when we pulled up to the mansion that could easily fit 3 of our house inside.

We approached the back garden and crossed a football sized lawn, to reach the pool area, which had large BBQ area, plenty of seating for 50 people, pool house with small kitchen and a supersized pool.  It was perhaps 40-50 feet long, and ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet deep.  A really nice size pool.


Within 10 minutes of arriving, feeling the sun frying my bacon, my kids happily jumped into the pool with various belt and floating devices – and plenty of sunblock.

Another kid, a 10-11 year old boy, was playing in the pool.  He was mainly jumping on the bottom and he didn’t look like a super confident swimmer.

For some reason, I kept looking at the pool and the kids playing.  Something was bothering me, and it quickly became apparent.  Things escalated within seconds.

The happy and over-confident boy was starting to struggle to reach the bottom, and had difficulties getting back to the low-end.  His mum jumped in to help him, but she was then struggling to reach bottom as well and keep her son above surface.

supermandad1Without hesitating, I jumped into the pool still wearing my Hawaiian shirt.  I quickly got the boy into my arm, while reach the mother with my right arm – dragging both to safety.

The mother was for obvious reasons very happy that I had saved them both, and gave the boy plenty of hugs … and also a few angry comments about staying at the shallow end.

Several spectators clapped my shoulders for saving them, and I rewarded myself with a cold beer.  The severity of the incident started to hit me and from then on I kept monitoring the pool.

Lesson learned – when having a pool party, with many adults and kids, you should always have a dedicated lifeguard on duty.  It should not be the responsibility of a parent or guest.

I will look after my kids while swimming, but will also keep an eye on other kids, especially after this event.

Do I consider myself a hero - some of the guests called me hero

No, I did what I had to do, and hopefully what any other person would’ve done.  I’m just grateful that nothing happened and that I could help save these people.

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Save a flower

redhawk-dancersWe had the wonderful experience of attending a Native American Pow Wow some weeks ago, in Bear Mountain (NY) and it was a fantastic day.  Weather was late 80’s Fahrenheit and the pow wow was full of colourful native indians wearing their costumes.

Visitors were welcome to participate and could buy plenty of souvenirs, handcrafts and refreshments.  The latter was import to make sure your body was hydrated in the heat.

As I was getting refreshing lemonades for the family, I noticed another visitor who looking a little pale.  It was an elderly native american, who was accompanied by her son (I believe).  She complained about dizziness and was showing signs of heat stroke and/or dehydration.

Suddenly she sat down and I decided to help out.  No one else seemed to worry too much.  I got her into a chair in the shade and got her some cold water, and also a cold sugary strawberry lemonade.

Another person placed ice cubes on her neck, but they quickly dropped into the seat in which she was sitting.  I’m sure that was uncomfortable, and informed her that I was going to touch her butt – she smiled and said that it has not happened for some years :-)

She seemed to be doing better gradually and I left her to bring back the lemonade to my family.

native_flowerI returned to the lady some minutes later and learned that her name was Lomasi (Pretty Flower).  She was very happy to see me and confirmed that she was feeling better.  I gave her a hug and left.

I seem to be getting into the habit of saving people – not a bad thing and great feeeling.

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July just flew by in a flash, and I didn’t really get a chance to submit and publish any new posts.  Well, I shared a funny video of Fallon and Cruise singing duet, but that doesn’t really count.

The month kicked off really well with 4th of July celebrations – quiet BBQ in the backyard with the family, but had to go on business trip to Amsterdam for a week.  It’s great travelling with work, but I prefer to spend traveling time with my family.

Amsterdam is pretty cool to visit, but still think the ‘red light district’ is a strange concept.  More about that in another post.

The rest of July was dedicated to my family visiting from Denmark.  That was the best 3 weeks in a long long time, and fantastic to spend some quality time with my sister again.  They’ll be back to visit I’m sure.

Short post event shorter, I’m back writing posts and apologizes for the short lapse in releasing new materials.

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That Loving Feeling

I just love Jimmy Fallon, and Cruise is great in this lip sync battle – excellent duet boyz!

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School’s Out for Summer

schoolfinishOne chapter closes – and several new starts.  Kids are wrapping up their school year with ceremonies, ranging from pre-K to 5th grade.  I can’t believe that they have full fledged graduation ceremony for pre-K, with hats, gowns, speeches etc.  … but they do.

We are proud parents of graduates from 5th, 3rd and pre-K.

The big adventure is ahead of us, as we will have three kids in three different schools, each with a school bus picking them up.  Our front door will be the school bus central.

Our oldest daughter will start in middle school.  That’s a huge change and I’m certain it will bring a number of challenges (and opportunities), but we can do this.

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John Deere Experience

tractor1As I’m typing this blog, I’m sitting on my newest coolest toy, a John Deere sit-on mower.

My WIFI is strong enough to power my internet connection on my Gen1 iPad, although I have to be parked next to the wall of the living room to get a strong enough signal – outside of course.

It’s not easy to type while driving, chewing tobacco and spitting, and trying to avoid drooling into my beard or dripping spit on my iPad – all at the same time.

How much more American can this get?

We recently got our very first John Deere sit-on mower, in it’s traditional green and yellow colors.  The kids went absolutely bonkers as daddy started to mow the lawn, in record time … and even better, without breaking a sweat.

tractor2They all wanted to try the green ‘m yellow monster tractor, but as I had never driven such a beast before, I was a little apprehensive about getting behind the wheel.  And, even more apprehensive letting the kids have a go.

But, super-daddy lifted them up on to his lap, one by one, and we took turns cutting grass.  There was laughter and tears.  Even more when momma-bear jumped in the driver’s seat at went “flying” down the lawn – not even cutting straight lines.

In the end as the novelty started to wear off, I had the brightest of ideas and revelations.  My oldest daughter, now same height as my wonderful wife, would be able to cut the grass under supervision of course.  This allows me to teach her a few valuable life lessons about;

  • delegation
  • micromanagement
  • management styles
  • ownership
  • roles & responsibilities

homer… all very valuable skills that she would need in the future, and I could teach her all these while drinking a pint of Guinness responsibly from the safety of my deck.  It would also teach her that her father does not support drinking while operating heavy machinery :-)

All in all, getting our John Deere has been a real eye opener, both for me and my daughter.  She quickly realized that earning pocket money can be fun.  And, I get to relax on the deck again.

Only problem today is that the bloody thing doesn’t start!

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