Baking the ultimate birthday cake

Happy Birthday

Breakfast w/ scones

Today is exactly 12 years ago since our coolest and oldest daughter arrived.  She was 5 weeks premature, but that has certainly not stopped her from being an awesome child.

I’m very proud we were chosen to be her parents.  It has been, and still is, an honour to see her grow up and become the awesome individual she is today.  I know she will continue to grow and become an amazing woman with all the possibilities ahead of her.

She is excelling at school, which is obviously good genes from her mother.  She loves games, outdoors and has great sense of humour.

Happy Birthday my little girl!

Disclaimer / Warning

I do wish to warn all boys that I have a small forest behind the house, with plenty of wild life and areas not often visited by by-passers.  If any you hurt my baby girl, break her heart for some foolish attempts to be her boyfriend and then dumping her, you will probably not be walking away from it. 

I have several friends who would happily share their protective gestures and outbursts, if anything emotional harm would be afflicted on her.  Just like I would support them if their daughter’s were harmed.

We hare the clan of proud fathers.  We have viking blood running in our veins, and some of my brothers are trained in the art of pain.

Surviving the Party

diy birthdayYou want to make your child’s birthday special, no matter how old or young they might turn.  My wife and I are no different.  However, we also have a budget and don’t just splash out on insane Sweet 11th kit; professional dancers, DJ, party decoration, catering, etc.

Nope – we go the DIY family realistic budget route instead, doing a lot of the activities and food ourselves.  We generally stay away from crafting our own decorations, mainly because I tend to cut the pieces too small or get frustrated and tear them all up again!

Our daughter recently turned 11 and as she decided to invite her closest friends over for a sleepover.  I assumed it would be 2 girls, but somehow we ended up having 5 girls volunteering to celebrate our daughter.

Not a big problem really.  We have a nice big basement, and we simply needed to prepare it by getting rid of the biggest spiders and tidy up the toys that had been scattered around by our 4-year-old wonder kid.

  • Outdoor Christmas lights does wonders to any room
  • Party City has some good cheap paper decorations
  • Christmas table-cloth looks good on any occasion
  • Praise the plastic cup and paper plate inventors
  • iMac in the corner pumping out Now! 53 tracks, with screen saver, kick-starts any pre-teen birthday party

Within a few hours, the basement looked pretty awesome if I had to say it myself.  All we needed now was the screaming pre-teen girl invasion.

What do you feed a horde of 5th grader girls?  Easy guys!

Doritos, Cheesy Puffs, Brownies and chicken & beef fajita party.

Feeding-FrenzyIt turns out that the snacks were extremely popular, and within seconds of putting the bowls on the table, a hurricane of fingers started to dig into the snacks – picking the bowls clean, and asking for more.  I have been to the reptile section in the zoo seeing alligators rip into their meat lunch, but nothing compares to pre-teen feeding frenzy.

The girls headed back into the basement after dinner, and started to listen to strange YouTube video/songs, screaming about cute kittens, and singing along to the new Annie movie.  It was awesome to see how these girls had so much fun, but scary that I could not hear anything for several minutes after emerging from the basement.

That evening we had our very first outdoor camp fire with the girls, while roasting marshmallows.  We had to keep feeding the sugar rush and the girls loved sitting outside chatting (giggling) about awkward potential boyfriends – or just talking about who the other girls liked.

Bedtime was approaching, mine that is, and I was hoping the girls would turn down the music humming from the basement.  My eyelids were getting heavy when relaxing on the sofa, and it was only. 10.30pm.

I’m not too sure when the girls finally collapsed, but I do know that my wife was awoken around 1am by two girls suddenly standing in our bedroom saying they couldn’t sleep.  I’m confined my wife thought it was the ghost from ‘The Ring’ standing in our bedroom, and I’m sure she screamed, but I slept right through that event.

Another early morning, as I had to prepare breakfast for the masses, consisting of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and juices.  Sounds easy, but not when you have to feed an army of kids.

Then they went hiking in our little forest and visited the neighbor’s farm, bringing back all kinds of lovely smelling animal sent and poo footprints on the tile floor.  Oh well, they had so much fun and that’s what matters the most.  I had warned all the girls that they might step in dog poo, and to be careful, but somehow that advise was completely ignored within a few minutes.

I think they have agreed to make this a regular event, so have to prepare mentally for the next sleepover party.

Happy birthday to my lovely daughter!  Hope you enjoyed your Bday party.  Your parents (us) survived another pre-teen invasion 🙂

… I’m too old for this shit!


Holy Man

Thanks to the guys over at for this awesome image

What does it take to feel old?  Or even look old?

Another year has passed by and I’m still not the old and wise looking man I probably expected to be when I’m more than 41 years old.  Just like Sean Connery in Medicine Man.

Sometime I wonder if I will even get that Woodstock biker look that I see around here and that has inspired a generation of executives to get in touch with their wild side; long grey pony tale, ZZ Top length grey beard and wearing some awesome old boots – all while driving some oversized Harley.

My granddad was 73 when he passed away and he didn’t have a single grey hair.  My mother is also getting older, but I still haven’t spotted the grey locks.  That makes me wonder if I will have to colour my hair grey soon, just to be part of the gang.

My dear wife is gradually turning into Storm (X-men), which doesn’t make her less sexy, but I do notice people starring at us when walking around – they probably think it’s nice that she has a younger toy boy 🙂

beardeddudeI’m, with my wiser demeanour, developing a little more rebellious look.  It’s time I embrace my inner Duck Dynasty hillbilly, so I’ve been growing my red beard for some time now.  At least it makes me look a little older, and takes the attention away from my potbelly that I’ve proudly grown for 10 years now.  Not huge Buddha like, but still noticeable.

You might ask, what does it feel like getting one year older?

Well, it’s pretty simple.  I feel exactly the same as yesterday and a last year.  I’m still the same person.  My brain has developed into some strange CEO or religious personality, as that would just be scary.  However, I do feel that I’m a lot more positive and can see the better sides of life.

It has been an awesome day with many greetings appearing on my Facebook wall.  It really melts my heart when I get all these well wishes, even if Facebook might have encouraged half of them.  But, people have still taken the time to write a note, which is what really matters.  Many thanks for all this.

I wish myself a fantastic birthday and look forward to another year with my family 🙂  I’m proud being Danish, Irish and now American!

I survived

For my daughter’s recent 10th birthday, we had offered a few options for celebrating it.  Either with style in the local amusement / restaurant, a DIY party at the house or just wait until the weather gets warmer so we can party at the local pool.

What did she pick?

Well, she picked a dad’s worst nightmare – a sleepover party with four of her best friends.

dont panic Continue reading I survived

Training bra

It’s pretty clear fatherhood is taking me in a direction that I’m not fully comfortable with, especially as I have to deal with stuff that I have absolutely no clue about.

A few days ago my oldest daughter had her 9th birthday.  So, she’s getting older, but she still loves to play with toys, watch Disney movies, a tickle fights and has a favourite teddy bear.  To me she’ still the tiny girl that we brought home that many years ago.

This illusion was burst recently, when I realized that she is fact getting bigger … in many ways that I’m not prepared for.  I’m sure that I can learn to deal with some of these;

  • Growing interest in boys
  • Mood swings
  • Obsessive shopping
  • Less interested in toys
  • Liking Justin Bieber and 1D (the horror has become real)

But, I cannot get my head around that she’s slowly becoming a woman, and that her body as a result is changing.  HELP!  I have to leave this to my missus and her motherly instincts.

Anyway, I had suggested a few cool presents for her birthday, none of which made it to the final list and subsequent materialised into a present.  Not that I feel disappointed with having my ideas excluded, as the main thing is that she was happy for what she got – which she was.

Suddenly my wife uttered some words quietly, which at first sounded like “i’m going … to … meassure … training bra”.  The reason for the missing words were entirely because of the running tap in the kitchen and the sizzling meat on the pan.

I replied calmly “dear, you have given birth to three wonderful kids, breastfed them all, have a nice chest that would shame any Hooters employees, so I think you should get a bra for pros.  Or perhaps visit Victoria Secrets“.

The stare and follow up smack I received on my arm would have brought out tears in most wrestlers, and I burst into a subdued scream and a tear formed at the corner of my eye.  I obviously said something wrong, and my wife kindly repeated the line “I’m going to the mall with our daughter to get her measured for a training bra“.

WTF!  She’s only 9 years old.  She couldn’t possible be ready for this yet or even at this stage in her development.  But, I was wrong … again … and my wife took our excited daughter to the mall.

Ever since that evening things have been different in our little house.  Whenever my daughter is in her room getting dressed, and I walk past her room, a scream worthy of any horror movie emanates from her room and she slams the door shot while shouting “don’t get in here, I’m putting on clothes”.

Is this just the beginning?  What else will change?  What will be next?

The most amusing thing occured the other morning, after she had taken a shower.  She had screamed and slammed the door as usual when I walked by, only to open it slowly a few minutes later.

She emerged from her room with her bra on, but nothing else!  As I kindly pointed this out to her, she legged into her room again to put on the rest of her protective body amor.

In response to her behavioural changes, I too have decided to change.  Every time she opens the door to our bed room, the bath room or any other room, I gently ask her to close the door.  Especially when I sit on the can with the iPad watching “Walking Dead“.

It’s not easy seeing your little baby grow up and impossible to accept that some things changes that I don’t know how to handle.  I do not feel comfortable with the idea that I have to talk to her about feminine issues and perhaps even go shopping with her for some of these either.