T-Virus Is Real


I have been rather rattled by the recent debates and discussions, and at times accusations, when it comes to giving vaccines to our kids.  Giving them to my kids whom I love and cherish.

Some scientists claim that we need to vaccinate our kids from an early age, and we blindly listen to them without questioning what poison they inject into these fragile bodies.

Political groups accuses parents of putting our existence into question and also claim that none of these multi- vaccines have caused long-term impacts.  Why is there an increase in mental illnesses like autism?

I’m not an advocate for autism, but do question why we’ve seen such an increase in last few years.  And I do not believe it’s to do better screening.  Here’s a little video for the conspiracy theorists 🙂

Poison is perhaps the wrong term, but nevertheless, we inject toxics into their bodies hoping they will be protected against common and now more uncommon infections.  It’s the beginning  of World War Z!

I have long proclaimed that vaccinating kids unnecessarily will only cause four things;

  1. Kids get an overload of viruses injected which could have long-term impact on their bodies and mental states.  We do not have the long-term evidence to show that it is not dangerous.
  2. Multi-function vaccines contain chemicals, viruses and liquids is a toxic cocktail.  The combinations have side effects.
  3. Viruses will mutate and grow stronger, leaving humanity with less chance of winning
  4. It’s all just a conspiracy and we are all doomed 🙂

It’s important to understand that I fully support getting my kids vaccinated, but I also want to know what’s being injected into my kids, and have the right to object or request single (individual) shots instead of multi-vaccines.

When I grew up I had perhaps a handful of vaccines measles, rubella, mumps, polio and smallpox … and perhaps one or two mode.  But that was it, and I survived my childhood just fine.  And so did all the Western World parents who are giving out about other parents objecting to multi vaccines.

We have to stop, assess our objectives and then determine the best vaccines for our kids.

Look at the impact of the flu vaccine.  The flu virus have gotten much stronger in the past few years, mutating and leaving the vaccine useless.  Perhaps not useless, as some people will benefit from a vaccine if they have a weak immune system.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the vaccines our kids get these days, at a very young age.

  • Cervical Cancer; spread through sexual contact … but their genitals are not even evolved at this stage
  • Hepatitis; share needles, unprotected sex, multiple sex partners, alcoholic, which again is unlikely at this young age
    • of course if you travel to or live in areas with poor sanitation, then yes
  • Pneumococcal; the PPSV vaccine cannot be used for the part of the population that is most vulnerable to the disease, i.e. kids, so they just made another version (or just other name) called PCV
  • Pertussis; aka Whooping Cough – granted, we do not want our kids to get this infection, but perhaps we could give them the cure when/if they do contract Whooping Cough?
  • Flu;  let’s be honest, it’s a pain to get the flu, and if you have a really weak immune system it can be very serious, but there’s no need to force this vaccine upon kids

The rest of the long list of vaccines our kids get are ok I assume, but I do not support the use of multi-vaccines.  We simply do not know the long-term side effects of these.

autismWhy did we “invent” multi-vaccines?  My take on it is that we (people in general) could not be bothered going to the doctor many times throughout the first years of our kids’ life, and demanded shorter visits and fewer shots.  That means we are to blame for the viruses getting stronger, our bodies weaker and new chronic illnesses arises – and not to mention the rapid increase of autism in the past decade.

The conspiracist in me would claim that the medical and pharmaceutical industries control this very closely.  They are on cahoots together.  Insurance companies demand these vaccines and pharmaceuticals provides them at high cost.  Perhaps even making the single shot vaccines so expensive it doesn’t make sense for parents.

We need to go back to basics.  Only inject the critical vaccines into our kids, one-by-one, and then strengthen them as they grow.  This includes more visits to the local doctor as kids get older and perhaps get more active with travelling and (God forbid as a parent) when they get sexual active.

When I read articles the news where people comment or proclaim that parents who ask questions about the vaccines are not idiots, then I get slightly annoyed.  We are asking these questions for the safety of our children.  The concerns raised is not necessarily about the vaccine itself, but the fact that the modern vaccines combines multiple vaccine shots into fewer shots – and several of these vaccines the kids don’t need at such an early stage in their lives.

My comment back to these parents are “do you not care for your kids and do you simply fill their bodies with any kind of junk?  Then you might as well allow them to inject drugs!”

It’s time we stand together and determine what’s best for our kids as parents.  We need to get vaccinated against the common diseases and prevent spread of viruses.  The answer is not multi-vaccines, but single vaccines.

It’s all about being thankful

There’s more to November than meets the eye.  Not only are we infested with thousands of men supporting the awesome MOvember cause, all growing some strange moustache contraptions generating awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.  Somehow I’m still not fully clued in as to why a moustache was selected to be the symbol of male genital cancer,  it would’ve been more logical for the breast cancer to grow the face-tickler 🙂

Dublin StyleI might have to remove my MO, but I might also continue the trend well into December and perhaps into 2014.  Why not?

November is also the month where we are thankful for all the things we have and for how the World is behaving these days.  Not that we need to be thankful for all the crap some countries around the Globe are causing, but it would be good to appreciate the World a lot more and do less pollution.

I’m thankful for many things, a lot more than the days in November;

  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with great friends
  • Not having a hang-over the day after!
  • The love I have for family; both here and abroad
  • My super MO contribution
  • Ability to watch movies we love
  • Owning a super cool classic (almost a muscle car) El Camino
  • The fact that my son finally got into a school that cares for him
  • Authoring on this cool site
  • Having great parents
  • Being a super excellent Lego enthusiast
  • Enjoying all kinds of culinary cooking
  • Have great people around me, both at work and abroad
  • Fascination and admiration of Marvel heroes … because I’m marvellous myself 🙂

What are you thankful for?  Did you grow a MO?

MOvember fun

Loving Father Style
Loving Father Style

We all know that November is also famous for being the month where most men (and scary thought, some women) grow a moustache to generate awareness for prostate cancer – and other cursed cancer related illnesses affecting men.

You should also know that I have for the past few years participated in MOvember, but I don’t collect money, but my sole purpose is to create awareness.

So, for this year’s MOvember, I decided to create a few different looks, using my impressive ginger face carpet.  What do you think?

I love you all.  Go grow your MOvember contribution.

Happy MOvember!


Yep, it’s October and we know that’s the month we support the boobs.  Not in a kinky way.  But, it’s to create awareness about breast cancer.  We need to remind our lovely women to get their boobs checked to prevent and increase the chances of successful treatments at an earlier stage … if breast cancer is discovered.


A larger and large percentage of women who get screened and who have breast cancer diagnosed at an early stage is successful in beating this awful illness.  But, we cannot forget that even if they do get treatment early, then it is still a long healing process and there can be steps on the way that may seam unbearable.

If you know of anybody who has been diagnosed recently, is going through the treatment now or has completed their treatment, then you should take a moment out to provide them with support.

Many times support is just a simple conversation about anything but the C-word.  They hear it daily and see the impact on their bodies, so they just want to have a normal conversation too.

I take a personal interest in the wellbeing of my wife’s boobs and have on multiple occasions offered to do DIY examinations.  However, I still encourage her to get screened on a regular basis.  It’s better to be safe.

So, remind your friend, partner, wife, mother, sister or granny to visit the local medical center for a quick boob assessment.