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Buying Bleach Like Heisenberg

Not too long ago, when the shitter was full, I had a somewhat interesting shopping experience at Walmart.  Not the usual People of Walmart experience, but a sense and purpose of criminal mastermind experience.  Perhaps inspired by Heisenberg. According to CSI, … Continue reading

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Star Wars Spoilers

My wife had dropped a major bomb in our relationship before Christmas, stating that she never really liked Star Wars movies.  I was in utter shock and wasn’t too sure how our relationship could survive.  What other things was she … Continue reading

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Homemade Beer Brewer

… or Braumeister as we call them in Germanic language, given the old beer making skill was kicked off at a larger scale in Germany in the 13th century. “But from whichever it is made, whether from oats, barley or wheat, … Continue reading

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Goodnight Gollum

Bedtime is usually the time of the day, where you either have a happy moment with bedtime stories and hugs, or you have a fight on your hands as your child does not want to sleep.  There are rarely any … Continue reading

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The Rock

Once upon a time, while enjoying my childhood summer, I got trapped on a rock for what felt hours or even days.  It was actually rather traumatic experience, and I’ve been afraid of rocks ever since 🙂 Setting the scene … Continue reading

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Shotgun & Smartphone

I can’t believe how time flies.  It seems like yesterday when my lovely daughter turned five and hugged my knees.  She couldn’t reach much higher at that point, but it was a full tiny bear hug. Now she has started … Continue reading

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An All American Family Event

We recently did something really traditionally American. We attended a minor league baseball games, supporting the local Rockland Boulders. Our daughter had won tickets to a game, and was going to throw the first pitch.  It was part of a … Continue reading

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Stick Sex

While doing some serious gardening the other day with my wife, preparing to sew new seeds in the kitchen garden, we witnessed something amazing and yet disturbing. I’m sure 78% of my readers will place to many sexual thoughts into … Continue reading

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That Loving Feeling

I just love Jimmy Fallon, and Cruise is great in this lip sync battle – excellent duet boyz!

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Werewolf in the making

Amidst a busy schedule with Eucharist, new school, moving house and work, we also welcomed Coco to our family – a little fiery chocolate Labrador.  She’s a little devil in disguise, but you cannot but help love her.  However, recent … Continue reading

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