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Three Years

It’s not exactly a tale like Brad Pitt’s ‘Seven Years in Tibet”, but I can’t believe it has been three years since we arrived to the US and were greeted by the gorgeous Lady of Liberty.  Greeted by 36 degrees celsius … Continue reading

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Demystify the Irish

We’ve been in the US for almost three years and I must admit we are pretty much settled in.  Well, I still don’t understand the bloody health system and slightly overwhelmed with the oversized portions at the restaurants.  No wonder … Continue reading

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Happy Paddy Day

Have a wonderful Paddy Day, wherever you might be.  Carry the green colour proud, and drink responsible 🙂

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15 Years!

Not too sure if I should be worried or delighted when I recently received a mail from the company I work for, congratulating me for having spent the past 15 years with them.  Should I be worried that I had … Continue reading

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The real tourist

Tourism is important for any country and the best way to gain more free advertisement is from the tourists themselves.  The following video was created by Shannon & Stephen Parker from Canada, who developed this wonderful video … it actually … Continue reading

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The Gathering

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It’s a Green World

It’s safe to say, there are many traditions and festivities worldwide, but there’s nothing that’s being celebrated as widely as honouring the old St Patrick’s.  I would go as far as saying that it’s a global day that most religions … Continue reading

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Day After Tomorrow .. that’s today!

With all the hype from around the World, that doomsday has finally arrived, it’s time that I jump on the blogger bandwagon and write a few words about this – my perspective of course. In short, this happened because some … Continue reading

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First Beethoven Encounter

There are a few rules that you need to remember when having kids of a certain age or if you consider buying a pet in general, especially a dog Do not go window shopping! Do not visit a kennel! Do … Continue reading

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77 to 11

Commuting to / from work has always, while living in the outskirts of Dublin, been one of the daily challenges.  How long would I be spending in the car or on public transportation. In fact, it’s a journey that I … Continue reading

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