Be My Valentine

My Dear Wife

We have been together since 1997, and it has been a fantastic adventure.  I’m just as madly in love today, as when we first met.  Perhaps even more.

You are the mother of our beautiful children, and an awesome friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Back to school(s)

It’s that time of the year again – school is back on the menu.

Time to wake up early again, prepare lunches and shop for all the school supplies.  Our kids are somewhat excited, although they prefer to go to the lake, stay up late, eat marshmallows, and do nothing that resembles school work for 8 weeks.

I want to kick off the new school year with a strong message – love your mum and respect what she is and has done for you.  This is really a message to all kids out there – a strong message from Mark Mero.

City Girl n’ Skulls

walkingdeadreadyHere we are, living in the wilderness of Bear Mountain, about one mile from civilisation and the stress that comes with it.  Surviving in these surroundings takes skill and perseverance.  We are committed and we will adapt to our new life.

Thankfully we have the necessary means to survive; over-sized SUV (4×4 of course), Apple gadgets, 8 garden machines, misc. KitchenAid appliances and plenty of popcorn.

Cone on wilderness!  We can take you!

Or so we thought.

My lovely South American flower called me at work, in a frantic state, bursting out she had found a skeleton. More specifically, a human skull.  She demanded that I returned to our Casa del Muerte to inspect the remains of this unfortunate soul.

Strangely, all while looking to buy the house, and throughout the many visits, we never actually met the wife.  So, the remains could be that of his missing wife!?

Instead of calling Grissom and Co., she decided to call the local Sheriff Coltrane to inspect the remains.  What if the killer was still at large and maybe this was a living dead scenario. She simply had to get this crime of the century solved.

Not too sure how I could help with cleaning up a crime scene in our little forest.  I would either get attacked by a bear or Bambi, pee my pants and then man-handled by a skunk.

Anyway, our amazing trooper quickly arrived to inspect the crime scene, only to discover that the actual skull was the remains of Bambi’s relative.  Nothing on the cranium, beside a few teeth, may have resembled a human.

The happy law enforcement officer smirked at my wife, took a picture for his scrap-book or mug shot catalogue, and then quietly drove off.  No sirens 🙂

It was a happy ending to a crime filled morning for my rebel wife.  She was shaken and stir-crazy after that experience.  She still demanded that I came home to save the damsel in distress, but I had to save the World at work … or so I think.

combat heelsA few days after this ordeal, the missus went for a stroll in the jungle again, in her combat high heels and new hunting dog (10 week old labrador), only to twist her ankle as she stepped into a groundhog tunnel, slipped, landed on the puppy who peed on itself out of fear.

I think it’s fair to state that her days of exploring are numbered.  The Disney forest we live in is not a place for a city girl.  She pretends to be the female version of Grylls, but it’s more like Miss Congeniality in the Jungle.  One day we can go trekking – trekking in the nearest super mall jungle.

Wish me luck as I’ll be the one who gets lost!

World Down Syndrome Day 2015

Every year the World celebrates Down Syndrome, generating awareness for the wonderful group of individuals that we are blessed sharing the World with.

To this day, people with Down Syndrome have special powers – powers to spread love and happiness to everyone who they get in touch with.  They smile, cherish life and adore anybody who wants to be their friend.

Some people still mock them and call them names, but it’s just out of ignorance.

My beautiful wife helps spread awareness about people with special needs, so you should really visit her Facebook page.  It’s also a tribute to my amazing son, Christian, who was born with an extra chromosome.

Yes, I need to say no a few extra times when he’s misbehaving, but so did my dad to me. He has come such a long way in a short time, especially since arriving in the US where he gets an awesome service and support in the school.  His aid (Mr. T) is absolutely amazing with my son, and they have bonded like brothers.  This has resulted in a phenomenal improvement in his abilities to interact and communicate.

What’s even more magical, as a parent to a special needs kid, is that he has friends in school.  Kids walk up to him and give him high five, shout hi when they see him and he has play dates with class mates.  It’s wonderful as a parent to see how well he’s accepted by his peers.  They love him too.

Here’s a set of excellent images my wife created to honour our son 🙂

Throwing Copper

liveEd Kowalczyk has come a long way in the past 20 years.  Almost full circle from an artist’s prospect.  He started out in York, PA, and probably played small venues, but suddenly he was standing in front of sold out stadium tours.  Now he’s back doing what I think he’s awesome at; playing small intimate gigs in front of true fans, celebrating his music and dedication to his fans.  He has even grown a beard 🙂

When I bought my favourite album 20 years ago I did not expect to one day sit in the same room as Big Ed, listening to all 14 tracks in acoustic version.

Throwing Copper celebrated 20 years in 2014 and Ed K went on a long tour to promote it, and at the same time bring a generation together who really appreciates his music.

First time I had the privilege of seeing Live was when they performed at the awesome festival in Denmark, Roskilde Festival, in 1995, where they entertained approx. 50,000 people on the main (orange) stage, mostly drunk and drug dazed young people with at times questionable intentions.  I was too in a somewhat haze probably due to lack of sleep, too much music, beer and partying, but it was such a great evening I shared with my friends.  The weather was awesome, or so I believe, and the music was flowing through the hot summer evening … perfect atmosphere.

Fast forward 20 years and my Throwing Copper experience has come full circle too.  I got tickets to see him 13 February in the City Winery, New York, with my wonderful wife on our Valentine’s date.

The audience was all the same age group so I can only assume that many of these people have been following Ed for a few decades.  When 98% of them started to sing along to the songs, my suspicions were confirmed.  It was the acoustic version, as I mentioned further up, and each track was played with such emotions and tenderness that almost made it unreal.  He had synchronised his performance with a guy playing various instruments to the tracks, and was joined by a younger artist playing a selection of guitars, incl. a piece that looked like an electric ukulele.

The tickets I had bought months ago were meet ‘n greet, which too me was the ultimate fan experience although I had no idea what I would do or say when I met him.  Knowing me, I would say something completely weird, giggle awkwardly or just hug him spontaneously.  Unfortunately, or perhaps thankfully for him, we got stuck in traffic going into the City and never made it to the meeting.  Perhaps next time!

I have to admit, I almost lost my cool and was ready to tear up the Shit Towne, as the waitress claimed that my ticket was only for meet ‘n greet.  But, she would happily sell me tickets for the gig to which I shared some of my Irish proverbs and communicated fairly honestly.  I was really selling the drama, but it was defused when the manager came to offer us seats at no extra cost.  Honestly, I had no idea that I would have to buy meet ‘n greet as well as regular tickets.  It just doesn’t seem logical.  Why buy two tickets?

And, if they had checked the guest list for the meet ‘n greet they would’ve noticed we did not show up as we got stuck in famous NYC rush hour traffic!!

Anyway, and the most important thing, I got to listen to Ed Kowalczyk with my beautiful wife, celebrating Valentine’s Day and in the company of beautiful people.

Thanks Ed.  I seriously hope that I will get to meet you one day, shake your hand and share my appreciation for the joys your music has brought to my life.

I love life and everything in it, I just like songs about the end of the World” – Ed Kowalczyk, City Winery February 2015.